I was interviewed by Books, Ink at HamletHub for their “Seven Bookish Questions” column on June 27, 2013.  Read the full article here!

Yay!  My book cover won a design award!  Thank you to Joel Friedlander at The Book Designer,, for selecting Lauren Takes Leave as the October 2012 book cover winner.  Just to be a tad bit bragadocious, let me tell you what Joel said about the design, which was done by my hudband, Brett Gerstenblatt, together with designer Gary Tooth and illustrator Liz Starin:


“Beautiful and perfectly appropriate for this comic novel. Outstanding typography and illustration deftly combined by a skilled designer. A great solution for using images to evoke elements from the book, this cover is one of the most successful I’ve seen at bridging the print/ebook worlds.”


Fun!  We had a book signing and Lauren Takes Leave theme ride at SoulCycle Scarsdale on October 1, 2012…with jell-o shots!





Fashion’s Night Out book signing event at Neiman Marcus, The Westchester

Thursday, September 6th

(Mentioned in Neiman Marcus emails and WAG, Westchester and Greenwich Magazine)

That’s me on the cover!  Scarsdale Inquirer, Friday, August 31, 2012

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